Survivors of Brain Death Prove It’s a Medical Fallacy

Dr John B Shea, retired diagnostic radiologist & fellow of the Royal College of Canada, says: “A diagnosis of death by neurological criteria is theory, not scientific fact”. He was speaking about so-called “brain death”, a medical idea invented in 1968 by Harvard Medical School to permit the retrieval of very important organs from nonetheless residing sufferers.

Dr Paul A Byrne, neonatologist and pediatrician, says: “In order to be suitable for transplant, (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and pancreas) need to be removed from the donor before respiration and circulation cease. Otherwise, these organs are not suitable, since damage to the organs occurs within a brief time after circulation of blood with oxygen stops.”

Friends… there’s rising proof that “brain death” is a medical fallacy, which can’t be precisely recognized. There is a rising quantity of sufferers who had been declared “brain-dead”, solely to later spontaneously revive and dwell. Here are some precise survivor instances:

  • Zach Dunlap, a 21 yr previous Oklahoma man, was “feeling pretty good” 4 months after he was recognized as “brain dead”. Zach suffered extreme mind accidents in a quad bike accident in Texas in 2007. He was declared “brain dead” and prepped for organ donation. But minutes earlier than surgical procedure commenced, he spontaneously revived when a involved buddy scratched his foot. Zach later instructed a TV present that he heard the medical doctors pronounce him useless, however was unable to do something about it.
  • Steven Thorpe, 17 yr previous Warwickshire youth, was declared “brain dead” by 4 medical doctors in 2008, however his mother and father didn’t surrender on him, and insisted on one other opinion from an unbiased GP and a neurosurgeon. Steven made an surprising restoration and left hospital alive seven weeks later. He had suffered extreme head accidents throughout a main collision between a automobile wherein he was travelling and a runaway horse.
  • Rae Kupferschmidt, 65 yr previous Minnesota girl, suffered a huge cerebral hemorrhage in 2008 and medical doctors recognized her as “brain dead”. She was taken house to die and her household started making funeral preparations. When Rae spontaneously sucked an ice dice provided by her daughter, she was discovered to be alive. She later walked.
  • Gloria Cruz, 56 yr previous Northern Territory girl, was declared “brain dead” in 2011 and anticipated to ‘die’ inside 48 hours. A physician, a social employee and a ‘affected person advocate’ urged her husband to take away the ventilator and let her ‘die’. But he refused and three days later, Gloria revived, awoke from her coma and was getting round hospital in a wheelchair.

Clearly these survivor instances show that “brain death” is a extremely questionable idea that’s placing lives in danger.

Source by Ken Higgs

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